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PET Twin Screw Granulating Machine
PET Twin Screw Granulating Machine

This PET Twin Screw Granulating and Pelletizing Machine is a twin screw pelletizing line especially for PET only. With special designed screw, precise temperature controlling system, cooperated with high effiency drying system, the IV of PET will only drop 0.03.


The PET flakes twin screw granulating pelletizing machine normally consist of:

- Bunker and Feeder

- Twin screw extruder

- Filter

- Water tank

- Drying system

- Pelletizer/Cutter

- Blower and storage hopper

- Electric control panel

The avaliable capacity is from 20kg/h min to 800kg/h max, for detailed informations, please contact with us.

More Pictures of PET Twin Screw Granulating and Pelletizing Machine:

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