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HDPE/PP/PS Hard Scraps Granulating Pelletizer
HDPE/PP/PS Hard Scraps Granulating Pelletizer

This HDPE/PP/PS Hard Scraps Granulating Pelletizer is suitable for recycled HDPE rigid scraps, PS flakes, ABS flakes, PP flakes, LDPE scraps, Crushed lumps scraps, Regrinded plastic scraps, etc. It is single stage pelletizing line, especially suitable for hard plastics,it is simple but high efficiency,easy and cheap for maintenance.

The HDPE/PP/PS Hard Scraps Granulating Pelletizer normally consist of:

- Screw loader

- Feeding bunker

- Main extruder

- Filter

- Die face cutter

- Dewatering machine

- Blower and storage hopper

- Electric control panel

Model Screw Dia (mm/LD) Motor Power(KW) Capacity (Kg/h)
BMR-100 100/25 90 300-400
BMR-130 130/25 132 400-500
BMR-160 160/25 160 550-650
BMR-180 180/25 200 700-800
BMR-200 200/25 250 900-1000

The avaliable capacity is from 300kg/h min to 1000kg/h max, for detailed informations, please contact with us.

The video of HDPE PP PS Granulating Pelletizing Machine: https://youtu.be/bY_qkriJrV0

More pictures @ factory of Suzhou Believe Machinery Co.,Ltd--Plastic Recycling Machines Supplier

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