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Washing Line for PE film/PP woven bags:

300kg/h LDPE waste garbage film washing line: https://youtu.be/ncrMc1WSGik

300kg/h LDPE agriculatural film washing line: https://youtu.be/5Z-MVmef0qw

300kg/h PP woven bags washing line: https://youtu.be/fcI_aCwoNvY

500kg/h LDPE film washing squeezing line: https://youtu.be/AvZDKwEqibI

500kg/h LLDPE stretch film washing line: https://youtu.be/2XMXw02xvdo

1000kg/h LDPE agriculatural film washing line: https://youtu.be/oMLWyjU_C2c

Pelletizing Line for PE film/PP woven bags/PP non woven:

200kg/h(BMD85) PP non woven pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/NLHtYs29ZGQ

300kg/h(BMD100) LDPE film pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/IhKZ7iCjL7w

300kg/h(BMD100) LDPE roller film pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/0E4-c-Iqod0

250kg/h(BMSJ100/120) HDPE film/shopping bags pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/w_ilad6L-9g

500kg/h(BMD130) LDPE/PP film pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/RO2AW0f1TlA

500kg/h(BMD130) LDPE film air cutting pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/urYzQOmsFzU

500kg/h(BMD130) PP woven bags crushing and pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/wyixHeNJirc

500kg/h(BMSJ130/130) PE film/PP woven bags pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/yYBUxZV-Tjg

700kg/h(BMSJ160/160) PE film/PP woven bags pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/WoU0cbtye9o

900kg/h(BMSJ180/200) PE film/PP woven bags pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/zeEvrC_K6kM

1000kg/h(BMSJ180/200) PE film/PP woven bags pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/zdn4qAhS-GI

Washing Line for PET/HDPE bottles, HDPE/PP rigid plastics:

500kg/h PET bottles washing line: https://youtu.be/qTZjMF3Z7co

500kg/h HDPE/PP crate washing line: https://youtu.be/dYmRyjomong

500kg/h HDPE pipe shredding and washing line: https://youtu.be/3ekexBm2kjw

1000kg/h HDPE milk bottles washing line: https://youtu.be/Zjdy2dB0BqM

1000kg/h HDPE/PP rigid plastics washing line: https://youtu.be/PSg5Evd7qwo

Pelletizing Line for PET/HDPE/PP rigid plastics:

300kg/h(BMJ120) HDPE/PP flakes pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/bY_qkriJrV0

400kg/h(BMT75) PET twin screw pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/vvOq0etZ61M

500kg/h(BMT75) PET flakes pelletizing line: https://youtu.be/E2ActDHb3-s


Double shaft shredders for PP/PET fibers,yarn,tapes,jumbo bags: https://youtu.be/oLtrlEV9vVs

Single shaft shredders for PE/PP/PET film,fibers,yarn,tapes,bags: https://youtu.be/fTJvabszTlg

Crushers for PP jumbo bags/PE film: https://youtu.be/DL1o2Eb5ajc

XPS / EPS board shredder: https://youtu.be/5cvb44lpTR4

Guillotine/Rubber cutter for film roller and other rigid plastics: https://youtu.be/aaExloKCLz8

Squeezing Press Dryer for LLDPE film: https://youtu.be/S0ma_xALf5Y

Squeezing Press Dryer to Granules: https://youtu.be/KgeMfnjIu7o

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